As Margate no longer enjoys the status of a Borough, the Mayoralty is administered by the Margate Charter Trustees, these being those elected members of Thanet District Council whose wards lie within the boundary of the old Borough of Margate.

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DocumentSizeDate Uploaded
Receipts and payments to 31.5.2211.84 KB10/06/2022Download
Internal Auditor's Final Report y/e 31.3.22 Awaiting Adoption112.00 KB10/06/2022Download
Internal Auditor's Certificate1.91 MB10/06/2022Download
Annual Governance Statement y/e MB10/06/2022Download
Accounting Statement y/e MB10/06/2022Download
Public Rights & Publication of Unaudited Accounts y/e 31.3.2226.26 KB10/06/2022Download
Receipts and Payments to 31.3.2218.35 KB19/05/2022Download
Receipts and Payments to 30.11.2115.44 KB02/12/2021Download
Internal Audit Interim Report to 30/9/21155.17 KB02/12/2021Download
Receipts & Payments to 31.8.2113.13 KB14/09/2021Download
Certified Accounting Statement 20-211.77 MB14/09/2021Download
Certified Annual Governance Statement1.66 MB14/09/2021Download
External Auditor's Report 20-211.05 MB14/09/2021Download
Notice of Conclusion of Audit 20-21612.54 KB14/09/2021Download
Public Rights & Publication of Unaudited Accounts25.40 KB11/06/2021Download
Accounting Statement y/2 MB11/06/2021Download
Annual Governance Statement y/e
Internal Auditor's Certificate y/e MB11/06/2021Download
Internal Auditor's Final Report y/e 31.3.21 (Awaiting adoption)112.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Internal Interim Auditor's Report y/e 31.3.21105.50 KB11/06/2021Download
Budget 2021-202212.68 KB11/06/2021Download
Expenditure & Income 2020-2114.51 KB11/06/2021Download
Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return y/e 31.3.2032.19 KB11/06/2021Download
Annual Governance Statement & Accounting Statement y/e 31.3.20438.93 KB11/06/2021Download
External Audit Certificate y/e 31.3.20135.38 KB11/06/2021Download
Notice of Conclusion of Audit y/e 31.3.20207.26 KB11/06/2021Download
Internal Audit Final Report y/e 31.3.20124.50 KB11/06/2021Download
Internal Audit Interim Report y/e 31.3.20112.50 KB11/06/2021Download
Budget 2020-2111.90 KB11/06/2021Download
Expenditure & Income y/e/ 31.3.2017.28 KB11/06/2021Download
Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance Statement & Accountability Return y/e 31.3.1921.92 KB11/06/2021Download
Annual Governance Statement y/e MB11/06/2021Download
Annual Accountability Return y/e MB11/06/2021Download
Internal Auditor's Certificate2.68 MB11/06/2021Download
External Auditor's Certificate y/e MB11/06/2021Download
Notice of Conclusion of Audit y/3 31.3.19510.46 KB11/06/2021Download
Budget 2019-202012.32 KB11/06/2021Download
Expenditure & Income y/e 31.3.1916.19 KB11/06/2021Download
Internal Audit Interim report y/e 31.3.19222.22 KB11/06/2021Download
Internal Audit Final Report y/e 31.3.19110.50 KB11/06/2021Download

Minutes, Agendas & Reports

DocumentSizeDate Uploaded
Agenda 13.4.2246.00 KB19/05/2022Download
Minutes 13.4.2219.28 KB19/05/2022Download
Agenda 24.1.2220.26 KB19/05/2022Download
Minutes 24.1.2227.24 KB19/05/2022Download
Agenda 6.12.2119.57 KB02/12/2021Download
Minutes 6.12.2114.90 KB19/05/2022Download
Agenda 20.9.2120.04 KB14/09/2021Download
Minutes 20.9.2123.71 KB02/12/2021Download
Agenda 5.7.2145.00 KB13/07/2021Download
Minutes 5.7.2122.92 KB02/12/2021Download
Agenda 4.5.21 Extraordinary18.64 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes Extraordinary 4.5.2119.64 KB13/07/2021Download
Agenda 12.4.2150.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 12.4.2125.00KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 24.3.21 Extra40.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 24.3.21 Extra13.50 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 25.1.2161.66 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 25.1.2117.05 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 30.11.2019.61 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 30.11.2025.64 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 27.7.2042.50 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 27.7.2032.11 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 24.4.2026.43 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 24.4.2031.51 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 20.1.2068.08 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 20.1.2031.11 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 2.12.1925.90 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 2.12.1929.79 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 16.9.1925.43 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 16.9.1920.44 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 24.6.1945.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 24.6.1930.84 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 15.5.1948.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 15.5.1923.77 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 28.1.1919.80 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 28.1.1928.10 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 10.9.1845.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 10.9.1827.04 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 9.7.1841.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 9.7.1822.64 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 16.4.1815.70 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 16.4.1825.38 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 5.3.1842.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 5.3.1825.74 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 15.1.1879.04 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 15.1.1824.62 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 27.11.1714.18 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 27.11.1726.32 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 25.9.1743.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 25.9.1726.45 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 31.7.17 Extraordinary TC39.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 31.7.17 Extraordinary TC0.96 MB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 26.6.1739.00 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 26.6.1717.68 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 10.4.1714.74 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 10.4.1718.59 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 6.3.1713.18 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 6.3.1715.20 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 23.1.1713.20 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 23.1.1716.87 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 5.12.1613.40 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 5.12.1620.31 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 5.9.1614.08 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 5.9.1617.27 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 20.6.1613.13 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 20.6.1616.60 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 18.4.1615.24 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 18.4.1615.68 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 29.2.1612.80 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 29.2.1615.73 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 11.1.16 Extraordinary12.72 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 11.1.16 Extraordinary14.89 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 7.12.1513.26 KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 7.12.1517.35 KB11/06/2021Download
Agenda 24.8.15194.43KB11/06/2021Download
Minutes 24.8.1514.54 KB11/06/2021Download


DocumentSizeDate Uploaded
Standing Orders (Reviewed Annually)137.16 KB11/06/2021Download
Financial Regulations adopted 14.5.18 (Reviewed Annually)94.67 KB11/06/2021Download
Investment Policy92.14 KB11/06/2021Download
Email Privacy Policy53.53 KB11/06/2021Download
Privacy Notice86.51 KB11/06/2021Download

For more information about the Mayor and Charter Trustees of Margate, please feel free to contact us on 01843 448590.

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